Now GitHub Is Super Popular ???

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I just saw this on @mrdoob's tweet.

To me, this is a kind of interesting thing.

  1. GitHub is for social coding but spammers are interested in spreading their *****.

  2. How will GitHub(Microsoft) handle this kind of issue?

Especially, I'm curious about No.2.
I don't know how spammers open a pull request but I guess they don't do that manually since GitHub has a nice API.
In addition, there is a CLI tool that allows us to create a pull request. Probably, the spammers need to write a simple shell script to post a link.

GitHub logo cli / cli

GitHub’s official command line tool

GitHub CLI

gh is GitHub on the command line, and it's now available in beta. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

screenshot of gh pr status


While in beta, GitHub CLI is available for repos hosted on GitHub.com only. It currently does not support repositories hosted on GitHub Enterprise Server or other hosting providers. We are planning on adding support for GitHub Enterprise Server after GitHub CLI is out of beta (likely towards the end of 2020), and we want to ensure that the API endpoints we use are more widely available for GHES versions that most GitHub customers are on.

We need your feedback

GitHub CLI is currently in its early development stages, and we're hoping to get feedback from people using it.

If you've installed and used gh, we'd love for you to…

What I hope is that this won't affect GitHub


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Spam is everywhere. I've seen it here on Dev.

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Koji (he/him) Author

oh, really? Was that a comment?

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Was this a post?