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Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar

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First Hacktoberfest and open source contribution

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About Me

Hey! I am Krishna from India final year student of Mater of Computer Applications and skilled in web development, Machine learning and cyber security enthusiastic. And also passionate about open source.

How I started open source

This is started 3 months ago when I was watching a video on YouTube by Kunal Kushwaha and Eddie Jaoude They talked about open source and how a college student start contributing to open source. After the video I have join EddieHub and other community.

If you are beginner and want to start contribute to open source then you have to join EddieHub organization. There you will get step by step guidance about how to get started.

First time start contribution in EddieHub organization repository after that some day I listen about hacktoberfest before this I don't have any idea about Hacktoberfest then I starts asking question in community and search on google about this.

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open-source software by DigitalOcean that encourages participation in giving back to the open-source community. Developers get involved by completing pull requests, participating in events, and donating to open source projects. During this event, anyone can support open source by contributing changes and earn limited-edition swag.

This is the beginner friendly so any can participate no matter you are a coder pro level coder or a newbie even you can start by contributing in documentation.

If you like this connect with me
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Thomas Bnt ☕


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Nirjas Jakilim

It was also my first time participation and was a good one though. Best wishes for your future!

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Krishna Kumar

Thank you!

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Arun K C

Congrats 👏🎉🎉

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Congrats! It was my first Hacktoberfest too! 🎉