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Thanks for your story, Zeyad! You approached this topic from a different point of view than I would have, but it was still interesting!

Anyways here are my two cents about this topic:
As I have a major of business administration and management and decide to be a frontend developer, I found myself in a position at my workplace that I want to oversee the overall strategy of the company. I’d like to take part in the vision building and company mission declaration.
In addition to these, here are a few things that should help you build that business mind of yours based on my experience:

  • Have a need to meet customers of your product! You’re going find lots of valuable information along the way. After that I’ll be much easier picking between feature requests.
  • Have an eye on the processes and people around you at your workplace! If you see something doesn’t add up let’s say at the marketing team, be the person who helps that team. If they are stuck with something, and you see immediately the solution for that problem, share with them!

These are the people, who aren’t just coders, but thinking developers.
Your actions going to be greatly appreciated by your coworkers if you follow these little tips!

Have a great day!



Hello Kristof, Happy to hear from you :)

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