Liquid Error, help!

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Following advice in Comment from John Carroll I was going back through old posts adding language annotations to my code blocks.

This seemed to go pretty well, until I came across the following two posts:

On both of these posts, it seems that upon "Preview" of edits, I am presented with the following error:

It seems that this error for the two posts is immediate upon doing a preview (e.g. before edits) but I'm not sure if that's because I already had previously saved edits present that I'm not accounting for.

Anyone have any ideas?


found the issue in both cases was due to non-code snippet instances of {{ ... }} - I suppose it was thinking I was trying to bind data on the page since it wasn't enclosed in a code snippet?

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Hey Russ, yeah we've disabled some native Liquid snippets. So long as you wrap the double curly brackets with either triple or single backticks, your {{ }} should work. We'll update the error message to be clearer about what exactly went wrong. :)


ah ok, cuz I hadn't ever even heard the term "liquid snippet" or liquid variable, etc.. That might have helped point me in the right direction faster :)



Can you re-create the smallest version (including the error) and link to gist of it or something?


doesn't seem like it was an issue in the actual code snippets, but that gave me the idea of posting sections of the OG post one section at a time til I arrived at the error.

Found in both posts cases, I had instances within the body (not code block) of {{ ... }}, I guess it was trying to interpret that as since it wasn't in backticks.

Not sure how it ever got posted successfully, since those have been there, but /shrug.

Thanks for the idea :)


No worries. After all, what else are rubber ducks for :P


Can you post a screenshot of the edit page in the section you were trying to change?


Try using the raw tag. I find it helps.


(I can't show you because it doesn't work. Oh boy! :-) )