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...marketing. You might say it’s an art form, but if it were, it would be some cursed, wicked form of art.

This is pretty much how I've always felt about marketing as a consumer. I think in its minimal form, marketing is about connecting people with products and services that they actually want or that solve problems they are having. But once you add greed into the mix, marketing becomes about tricking people into wanting things that you provide.

Edited to not just be a rant.

I don't know how I would actually do marketing if I was bootstrapping my own product. If I'm betting my livelihood on it, I might hire someone to take care of it for me. If it's a side project, I guess I might just announce in a few targeted (online) circles "Hey I've got this product if you're having this problem." But I haven't been in those shoes. The company I work for is fortunate to have someone in the marketing role that's pretty good at it.

Good luck!


I'm pretty much taking the latter approach. Posting it online. But never it directly. Only things that point to it.

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