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The Tale of the New Born Dev

Mabuhay! community! It's my first article post.

Hello World!

I guess the best way to start would be letting you know a little about my self-- Hi! I am a Computer Engineer, I graduated last April 2017, I work as a Junior Software Engineer in a "not so startup" software company. I just like to share my dilemma, experiences, thoughts, and goal through out my chosen career.

Engineer without a Title

noun: engineering
The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

Here in the Philippines, the majority of the engineering community look down on computer engineers, some even telling us that we are not real engineers. The disconsolate truth of facing the real world for a fresh graduate like me, spending 5 years of my life studying an engineering degree just to know that in the end I am not eligible to use the title "Engineer", was utterly unsatisfying. Still I am happy and content to have this degree and It will be a gratification for me to design, build, and develop innovative ideas integrating hardware and software for the greater good.

The right Job and The right Company

The fact that there are tons of company and career path awaiting for me, most of them expects to much for a fresh graduate. Having the ability to choose between hardware or software career path is an advantage for me. I chose the software career path, maybe it's because I have experienced hardware programming, most of it are programming micro-controllers working with various type of electronic modules and sensors yada yada during my college days. I want to try different, with a short experience during my on the job training, I was tasked to create a simple inventory system using VB.Net. I was amazed by how software systems works and how the computer does it. Bringing me to the next level of programming with the applied concept of Object Oriented Programming and various software design pattern which is slightly different from what I was used to.

Searching for the most suitable job for me, I end up as a Junior Software Engineer in a small company. This small company was like the best farming ground for me to gain experience. I was assigned to maintain a specific system related with human resources, it's written in C#. Since I was working in a small company the definition of maintain is to support client issues, remote client servers, fix bugs, create features, test new code updates, deploy the latest build, etc. Frankly saying, I was so excited at first doing this things but as far as my job continues, I always deal with clients and their issues with the system I maintain that is not related to development of the system. I know it's bad to rant but in my current state the hunger for development and technical skills is in me, I am not satisfied for what I know and I am still eager to learn things that is related to my career as a Software Engineer. Shout out to my seniors, colleagues, and the whole dev community you guys inspire me to continue the path I chose.

People as Friends and not just Colleagues

A lot of people inspire me, and most of them are people I work with. They were smart and intelligent people that are willing to share their knowledge to literally anyone. Sharing is one of their properties I want to inherit, aside from their knowledge of course! I am so blessed to have them. Thank you guys!


For now, my goal is to inspire and share my knowledge to others. I want to help newbies like me in the future and for me to be able to do that I need to learn more. If you are still reading this article until here, Thank you very much! and until my next article. Yo!

Note: Feel free to start a discussion or to post any advice that may help me with my journey.

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