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re: Emotions: Sounds fantastik! This is your glory day, horray! Each 10th day – new app! I would like to give you 100 hundred copy-pasted emoji beer. ...

Low, less than 10% maybe, but I've worked on some weird projects. There's so many repos now on GitHub when comparing to 2015.

Here are the times I've had to delve into native modules.

  1. Fixing bugs in existing libs (e.g. react-native-navigation)
  2. Developing an app that integrates to a car HUD (Had the innards of a car on my desk for months)
  3. Writing a bridge that integrated with a custom bit of hardware we produced base on
  4. Writing an iOS native keyboard extension (there wasn't a good project that existed, I guess it's not a common use-case)
  5. Writing an android module that talked connected to a hotel router.

Was anything except Keyboard Extension on iOS? For example connection ABAddressBook written on ObjectiveC.

Interesting your integration approach with CoreML for example.

All the above required me to write ObjC. The HUD app in particular required me to bridge a pretty beefy SDK that was pretty closed off to the public.

I haven't integrated with core ml, I do want to play around with using tensorflow and React Native at some point.

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