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I'm actually part of a team on Twitch called the Live Coders where there's over 60 developers on Twitch who work on various projects. I think the main things that drove me into this community and now am part of it directly as a streamer is that:

  1. We're doing it live. It is a authentic situation that rather than completely prep everything before like a YouTube tutorial, we run into errors, we get stuck, and we try to get through it

  2. Interaction between the streamer and community. You can connect with the streamer on a very personal level. One of our community members, Suz Hinton (Noopkat), has avg 200-300 viewers, and yet the community is extremely welcoming and personal. you get to know the person behind the camera, and the people watching along with you.

  3. Work at a relaxed pace. For most projects, there are ongoing and don't really have deadlines, so you don't need to fret about getting a project done, so with that, if you tangent off to another discussion during the stream, it doesn't matter as much as if there was a deadline.

I was watching the programming community on twitch for a few years before I decided to start streaming myself, and it has opened a lot of things for me both professionally, as well as personally. Whether you are a viewer of a stream, or a streamer yourself, both scenarios can bring a lot of benefit to a dev's life.


Oh, I think I have a new goal ;)

I want to join that community!

This sounds awesome :)

Thanks for the info!

Somehow I missed that completely


I will have to check you folks out. For obvious legal reasons I couldn't stream most of my coding (because intellectual property of my employer) but I stream on Twitch already. Gaming, not development, but still.


I'll check u guys out as well! sounds really cool!!

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