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Beginner Python Projects part 1

larymak profile image lary mak ・1 min read

In this first post on my preferred python beginner projects I first began by building a WhatsApp Spambot using python.

To get started we will need first have a code editor :
either * pycharm * VScode or * Sublime

  • Next step create a file and give a .py extension
  • Now you will have to install pyautogui: pip install pyautogui
  • After doing the basics you can now write the code below and run it
import pyautogui
import time

count = 0,5)
while True:
    pyautogui.write(f"Hey you there")
    count +=1"ENTER")
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Youtube: WhatsApp Spambot
Github: larymak
Twitter: larymak1


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