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Hillary Nyakundi
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Beginner Python Project Part 2

In this second post on my preferred python beginner projects I continue by building a photo editor app using python.

To get started we will need first have a code editor :
either * pycharm * VScode or * Sublime

  • Next step create a file and give a .py extension
  • Now you will have to install pillow: pip install pillow
  • Next you will need two images, the one to use for back ground and the other to combine with The image should be transparent, you can remove the back ground of the image Here
  • After doing the basics you can now write the code below and run it
from PIL import Image
me ='image name')
back ='background image name')
back.paste(me, (0,0), me)
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Links to code and video

Youtube: Photo Editor Using Python
Github: larymak
Twitter: larymak1

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yes it does...