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QR Code Generator using Python

Ever wondered to yourself how easy it can be to create a QR code without a need of a website or third party software?
Actually t's pretty much easier, thanks to python. With python we an make use of only 2 lines of code to make this happen.
We will be able to create QR Codes for URLs and even any text we wish to.

Have a doubt, let me show you below:

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Let's Get Started

Steps To Create QR Code Generator.

  1. Make sure you have a code editor and python installed in your computer.(preferred IDE pycharm)
  2. Open PyCharm, Click file->New Project. and specify the file or folder location for your work.
  3. In your folder you just created, you will need to create a python file. Right Click on folder-> New-> Select python file. Give it a name with a name with a py extentension ex:
  4. Start Coding;

First things first, we need to install a library to help us with this functionality:
Open the terminal and paste in:
pip install qrcode
After the installation, in our file let write code:

import qrcode

image = qrcode.make("PAste in your URL")"name to save it") 
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See the full video and Github to see how you can input your own text and not the URL links.
Full Code Link: Here

Check Out Video Tutorial:
QR Code Gen Using Python

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Enjoy Coding ❤

Top comments (2)

david_hrycik_775a71e13d16 profile image
David Hrycik

This does NOT work in pycharm, which you claim it does. Don’t post lies

larymak profile image
Hillary Nyakundi

I don't know why it doesn't work on your end. Maybe indicating the error you got could help us find the solution