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Discussion on: Version 0.8 of the GraphQL API for WordPress is now available 🚀

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Leonardo Losoviz Author

On the contrary: WordPress is as good a CMS as you can get. Managing content with WP is great. The issue with WP concerns the generation of the webpage, that's slow, and its templating system is not as good as what you can get with Vue/React/etc.

Which is the reason why adding GraphQL to WP is such a good idea. Keep WP as a CMS only, to manage the content: create blog posts, add tags and categories, enable comments, manage users via user roles. And then fetch the data with GraphQL and print the site using Next.js.

GraphQL + WP means you get a great CMS for managing content, and a great development experience for creating the site.

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RangerCoder99 • Edited

No its not its heavy outdated and was never intented to use as headless cms! If you compare Strapi (one opensource headless cms) with WordPress, you’ll see that WordPress is much slower than Strapi to deliver the same thing. The reason is in the technology WordPress and Strapi are built on.

And this performance has an impact on the whole project, from user engagement or content editor comfort to Google ranking.