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Creating GraphQL server for WordPress. Writing for CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine, the LogRocket blog and Design Bombs. Tweeting @losoviz

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💪 Scripting capabilities in non-standard GraphQL server

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4 min read

Justifying "Embeddable Fields" for GraphQL

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📢 Proposal for "Embeddable fields" in GraphQL

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📣 Released v0.6 of GraphQL API for WordPress

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Fancy this GraphQL query?

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My first GitHub sponsor!

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📣 v0.3 for GraphQL API for WordPress released

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Automatically creating the release for a WordPress plugin

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🚀 Executing multiple queries in a single operation in GraphQL

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Using GitHub actions to release a WordPress plugin

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🤔 Why I built "GraphQL API for WordPress" if there already was WPGraphQL ❓

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Introducing the GraphQL API for WordPress 🎉

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