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Overview of NLP services on IBM Cloud

I had so much fun presenting NLP on IBM Cloud to a meetup at hackerdojo in Santa Clara. We went through creating a custom Natural Language Classifier on IBM Cloud that differentiates between HAM and SPAM emails. Classic problem that has been solved numerous times, but gives a good understanding of the space. Why is the first sentence more hammy then the second?

Ham or Spam?

You can find the slides and workshop here:

Here are some of the NLP services on IBM Cloud …

NLP on IBM Cloud

Here is a brief overview of the different NLP services …

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant lets you build conversational interfaces into any application, device, or channel. It combines machine learning, natural language understanding, and integrated dialog tools to create conversation flows between your apps and your users.

Natural Language Classifier

Lets you quickly build custom classifiers for textual data.

Natural Language Understanding

Helps you extract entities, concepts and relationships between them in text data. The service also performs sentiment analysis giving back emotions and emotions. Additionally, you can create a custom model for some APIs to get specific results that are tailored to your domain.

Text to Speech(tts) and Speech to Text(stt)

As the names suggest, these services let you convert text to speech and vice versa. Additionally, they offer a way to train these models on your domain data. That is really powerful. Stay tuned for a post with a demo.

These are some of the black box NLP services on IBM Cloud. They can however be extended and trained on your custom domain data. Additionally, if you have coded a model from scratch using a ML framework like scikit-learn or a DL framework like Keras, you can deploy it on IBM cloud using Watson Machine Learning (WML).

So … until next time internet peeps!

Thanks Max Katz and IBM Developer for providing space and delicious pizza at the meetup.

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