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Conor Bronsdon for LinearB

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From Devs, to VPs, to Co-Founders: 10Xing a Startup 5,000 Miles Apart

We knew we had to kick off the new year with something big - so welcome to Season 2 of Dev Interrupted!

This episode probes the murky depths of a time before the pandemic by exploring the story of LinearB's founding in 2018, how co-founders Dan Lines and Ori Keren met at Cloudlock in 2012 - and how they decided to co-found a company while 5,000 miles apart.

Listen as Dev Interrupted host and all-around renaissance man, Dan Lines, steps behind the mic to be interviewed not as host of the podcast, but as COO and co-founder of LinearB. Joining Dan is his good friend and fellow co-founder, Ori Keren, LinearB’s CEO.

With Producer Conor Bronsdon stepping in to guest host, Dan and Ori detail their transition from developers and VPs at Cloudlock, to deciding to found a company while on separate continents.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • LinearB’s founding story
  • Managing hypergrowth 5,000 miles apart
  • The importance of choosing the right investors: alignment > money
  • Designing a product with the goal of a million end users
  • How to 10x your startup
  • Dan’s favorite guest from season 1 of the Dev Interrupted Podcast

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Top comments (7)

devinterrupted profile image
Dev Interrupted

Great job guest hosting Conor! It was really fun switching spots and being the guest - it felt relaxing!

  • Dan
conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

Thanks Dan! Really enjoyed the conversation with you and Ori.

quackson666 profile image

This was a great discussion and hearing how passionate Dan & Ori are is awesome!

nobilitypnw profile image

I really enjoyed their discussion about not always taking the dollar value best offer on the table during funding rounds, and instead prioritizing business alignment over money.

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon

Agreed - Jason Warner is coming on the podcast in a few weeks (ex-CTO of GitHub and current managing director at Redpoint Ventures) and I really want to get his perspective on this as a technical leader/angel investor/now VC.

cmcclannahan profile image

Always nice to hear about LinearB, you can tell they're very passionate about what they do, great pod!

charmington profile image
Jonathan Sandals • Edited

This makes me think one of the companies I worked for in the past stagnated because the founders worked too close together! Love these two.