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The Best Solution to Burnout We’ve Ever Heard | A Conversation With Slack, Netlify & Ambassador Labs

With registration for our free October Interact conference now open, we wanted you to hear one of our favorite sessions from this past April’s Interact.

Featuring the best minds from Slack, Netlify and Ambassador Labs, our session on Inspiring Engineering Leaders & Driving Developer Creativity turned into one of the best conversations we’ve ever heard on topics like dev toil, dev focus and dev burnout.

This is a great preview of the type of content we’re working on for our conference in October, and this panel completely made us rethink how we approach burnout at LinearB.

If you like it as much as we do, be sure to sign up for October’s free, virtual Interact conference at:

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (7:44) The collective strength of the developer community
  • (14:15) Developer toil and reducing interruptions
  • (23:23) Enabling creativity
  • (26:16) Slack's "Maker Week"
  • (33:34) Ensuring people are seen, heard and celebrated
  • (42:24) What to do with talented devs that are not suited for the management path

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Can't wait for the next Interact!

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I'm excited too!