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Discussion on: An Organizer's Guide to Pronoun Buttons

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Josh Symonds

How does it distract from anything? The article itself says wearing buttons are optional; if you don't want to wear one, don't, but making them available for people that want them just helps those people. How does it take any time for you to look at a table of buttons, think "no thanks," and move on with your life?

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@thejessleigh and @veraticus , thank you both for remaining civil and constructive in your responses throughout this thread. We really appreciate your participation and proactiveness in helping us maintain an inclusive and respectful community.

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Names and personal connections at conferences and events are important. Are nametags and badges distracting? Are stickers and swag distracting?

If anything, it'd be super distracting to be at an event and constantly be misgendered or othered. Imagine how distracting it'd be to be at an event where people get your name wrong over and over again. Or imagine if you signed up to go to an event and the organizers didn't care enough to figure out if you had a dietary restriction -- it'd be pretty distracting to find out there's nothing you're able to eat for lunch and then scramble or go hungry for the event. Making accommodations for the people you're hosting is a key part of planning an event where people CAN focus on the subject matter at hand.

Also, if you don't care about what a person's pronouns are, why the resistance to using them?

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Fen Slattery Author

Thank you so much for this comment! As a trans person and a person with dietary restrictions that are hard to accommodate, I can totally confirm that it's hella distracting to deal with at events when organizers don't put in a little effort.