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How to escalate your career in Data Analytics

A career in Big Data Analytics is so much in demand that people from all around the world are trying to get into a career in Data Analytics. In this blog, we shall be talking about all this, along with how to get into the Big Data career in detail. Stay tuned!

Why do you think that a career in Big Data Analytics is so much in demand these days? Why do you think that this career in Big Data Analytics is something which everyone wants to pursue? Among other Big Data careers, a career in Big Data Analytics, in particular, is growing like never before!

Today, Big Data Analytics is being considered as the best career in the Big Data domain. The reason for this can be as follows:

Easy to start with: If you are someone who has a natural desire for solving problems from other than your profession, learning Big Data Analytics would be pretty easy for you. Also, if you are from a mathematics background, a career in analytics would be quite easy for you to go on with. As there are ample certification courses available online, it would be pretty simple for a newbie who wants to broaden his/her skills to start a career in Big Data Analytics.
Multi-industry/multi-domain opportunities: Big Data Analytics has the ability to attain cost-effective solutions that can improve decision-making power in various development areas, such as, manufacturing, healthcare, media, education, real estate, retail, and so on. As a Big Data Analyst, you might get an opportunity to work in a variety of industries that cover your interests and skills.
Lucrative salary: People aspiring to start their careers in Big Data Analytics are mostly attracted by the lucrative salary that it offers. Logically, strong and computer-savvy youth look forward to making an above-average income by starting to pursue their career in Big Data Analytic jobs.
Three jobs were considered as the top-paying jobs in 2017, according to a survey, and Data Analytics was on top of them with a median annual salary of US$122,000.
Providing decision-making power: Big Data Analytics is indeed an added value to any organization that allows a Data Analyst to make crucial decisions and provide an additional edge over its competitors. As a Data Analyst, you will be able to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t in a market scenario. Also, since you do performance analysis, the management will depend on you for making crucial business decisions, and a Big Data Analytics career thus increases your chance of becoming a key decision-maker in your organization.
Multiple programming languages: Big Data Analytics deals with multiple programming languages, i.e., it isn’t restricted to one single language or framework. It is known for combining high-level statistical and quantitative skills, along with proper programming skills. Also, there are several potential languages that can be used in this domain, so you can choose any of them to specialize. If you already have knowledge of C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc., then you can start your career in Big Data Analytics right away, further extending your programming capabilities to Scala, Julia, and MATLAB later in your journey

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