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Page Builder with Netlify CMS and Next.js

lokmanm profile image Lokman Musliu ・1 min read

Static websites are known as a combination of Html, CSS and JavaScript without the need of a backend and database. A static website has already deployed all the files and they are ready for the user without runtime manipulation of the files and the data. Static websites are known to be very fast because the files are ready beforehand. You can read more here about an article we did to explain the difference between static sites vs database powered ones.

When working with different clients, sometimes you have to provide that level of customizability so the client can easily and more conveniently do changes to a dynamic site. For simple websites we often reach out to Netlify CMS in order to let the client control the content of the website and this is how you can built your dynamic page builder with it. For this tutorial we are going to use Next.js, because we want to make use of all that goodness provided by the framework, like file based routing and SEO advantages when deploying to production.

Full tutorial on our blog

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