Attack on Titan seems pretty dope.

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I have tried a lot of Anime because I think that there has to be some out there I like, but I had not found any yet. Still I pick one or two up a year and give them a shot. This time I tried Attack on Titan at the recommendation of two students, and 3 episodes in I am hooked. The first episode reminded me so much of "Saturn devouring his son"

I am pretty stoked to watch more so I am cutting this post here, do any of you like Attack on Titan? Do you like any other Anime that you might suggest I watch?


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I kinda like it ? I mean, the first seasons of the show I found it very boring and the fact that I don't like Eren didn't help. The others seasons where more pleasing to watch though.

About other animes you could, watch it really depends, but my favorites are Monogatari series, Hyouka, Durarara!!, Bungou Stay Dogs


Ill have to check those out. I am surprised you found it boring, like I said I am hooked! lol


Perhaps I phrased badly, but at the end it didn't hook me (only the first season) also I could be that I watched with an already existing idea that I didn't like it.

Ohhh! I got you now. Hopefully it holds my interest!


What's the development angle here? I admit I was pretty dubious from the first when you said you were going to push yourself to write a post a day during November, but if this is where you're at less than halfway through the month it might be time to call it.


Feel free to unfollow as I’m going to finish the month. I’m writing daily for the sake of writing daily. As I said in another comment, all I am doing this for is the practice of shipping a piece of content daily.


Also, since the recommendation came from students during mentoring sessions that’s the “development angle” for me. Both of them where working on Anime related projects. Plus I think it’s ok for people to just talk about stuff they like. I am much more than a software developer.


AOT is nice. I don't read the manga cause animation is lit, and I don't want to spoil it for myself.

If you like suspense shows like AOT, you would also enjoy Akame ga Kill, Death Note, Zankyou no Terror.

Anime I personally really really enjoyed were Naruto, Toradora, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo. The last two hooked me by their incredible OST.

I am not going to write a paragraph about each, because that just wastes your time. You can see short descriptions no MAL.


Cowboy Bebop is next on my list! Good to know the soundtrack is good lol!