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Miguel Piedrafita
Miguel Piedrafita

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Five apps I can't live without

When I recently upgraded my macbook to Mojave, I decided to completely reset it. I do this periodically to ensure all the bloat I install and never use doesn't use up needed space. Anyway, today I was confused that certain app wasn't installed and I realized I'd forgot about it. Why? Well, I only installed essential apps. Here are some:

Google Chrome

I don't think I need to explain why a browser is essential this days. I may have to explain why Chrome tho. The answer is they were doing a great work until a few weeks ago with the privacy scandal. Like it or not, they are one of the pioneers of the web (PWAs are great, for example). And yeah, I'm considering Firefox after the recent scandals, but it'll probably take some time.

Visual Studio Code

Since I started coding I've used Windows Notepad (yeah, I know), Notepad++, Sublime, PHPStorm, Atom and finally Visual Studio Code. For me, the last one is the best of all. Oh and, in case you were wondering, I'm using the Material theme and Fira Code as font.


Any terminal would work, but iTerm's the best one I've found for Mac. Not much else to say here, except I'm using Oh My Zsh with the Spaceship theme and Fira Code.


While others use Slack for (work) communication, I don't really work yet and also Discord is a lot better in my opinion (no message limits on free accounts for example). I use it to keep in touch with my CoderYouth friends, organize the Snaptier development or chat with my Patrons.


I love music and I'm too lazy to download every album I like. The answer is obvoiusly Spotify. There's nothing else to say about it, really, but in case you were wondering, my favourite groups are Linkin Park & Panic! at the Disco.

CloudApp (Bonus)

I use CloudApp to record GIFs and videos and take screenshots, then upload them directly to "the cloud". It gives me a nice way to share stuff directly and whitelabeled with my own domain (it even supports link-shortening!). I'm using the paid plan but there's also a free one.


This are the five (well, six) apps I installed on my "new" macbook on day one. The next ones would probably be Bear (writing), Deckset (slides), Be Focused (pomodoro), GitHub Desktop (git client) & Plex Player. What are yours? Hit me up on twitter and let's share cool stuff!

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Top comments (5)

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

+1 for CloudApp. Absolutely crucial.

victoravelar profile image
Victor Avelar
  1. phpStorm
  2. chrome
  3. postman
  4. slack
  5. iTerm
mrtnrdl profile image
Martin Riedel

1) chrome/firefox
2) vim
3) nmap
4) burp
5) gobuster

lyfolos profile image
Muhammed H. Alkan • Edited
  • Chrome or Chromium (I can use Spotify, Discord etc. in it)
  • Vim
  • Kitty (terminal)
  • irc (irssi)