5 Tips for better NPM script organization

Marcel Cremer on January 30, 2019

Not too long ago, it was pretty normal to use grunt, gulp and other tools to organize building, testing and other tasks in JS-Projects. However, th... [Read Full]
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Wonderful suggestions! Happy that it converges with a lot of what we've done, though I'd love to start looking at the capabilities of npx more closely πŸ˜„


Don’t forget pre and post hooks in your package.json!


TBH, I personally don't use them. Most of the time when I remember that they exist and I "refactor" my scripts into using hooks, the package.json feels bloated afterwards (especially if the hooks just call other npm scripts).

If I see them in other projects, I sometimes like how they're used though.

Maybe you can give some pro / cons, why to use them?

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