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Hi devs,

I'm happy to be here and hope to get some new ideas and refresh some old ideas. I'm a softwareengineer and I love rules. So it's not a surprise that I'm very interested in patterns and how they work and techniques to get around the nasty problems. Most of the time I write PHP. I love it for the possibility to get a result really fast without much programming overhead and I hate it for the same reason. PHP makes me understand the sentence "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!" :D
I also had the chance to work in a 3-year-Java project, which was really fun. In my education at the univerity of applied science in Aachen (Germany) I wrote Python, C# and C++ as well and as a Web-Developer I have some experience with javascript, css and HTML (yeah, I know it's not a programming language :P )

When I'm not at the computer I play guitar in a band or read books, papers, articles or whatever comes to my eyes.


The band's called "Pedicle Screw". The music is a heavy rock- / metal- kind of thing. But it's a relatively new Band. We're working currently on our 6th song :D and we had two Gigs so far. But there's more coming...

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