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Discussion on: A Comparison Of The Top 3 Privacy-Focused Analytics Platforms

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Marko Saric

Hi Harley! Thanks for including Plausible Analytics in the list (I'm the co-founder). Someone just shared your post with me as they were researching Plausible and thought the list had inaccurate info about Plausible. Would it be possible for you to update the post please? Thanks!

  • Plausible is now a two-person team.
  • There shouldn't be any issues with timezones.
  • We've now added several new subscription plans including a 33% discount for annual plans so the lowest plan is now at $4/month
  • We now have realtime dashboard which includes everything that's happening on your site in real time
  • We have custom date range
  • We have average time on site (total and per referral source)
  • We have bounce rate (total, per referral source and per page)
  • We have goals/events
  • We support custom domains
  • We are GDPR compliant

Some of the other things not in your list that you could include are features that we provide such as:

  • referral drilldown
  • page drilldown
  • full UTM tags support

You can see the product in our live demo:

Thanks for your time!

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Harley Hicks Author

Hey Marko, this post is pretty old, so things have likely changed quite a bit. I'll update this list with your changes.

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