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Discussion on: Everest: A gorgeous REST API client written in JavaFX

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Matteo Joliveau • Edited

I would add the following, in no particular order:

  • Save requests (so that I could name them and reuse them, maybe adding also an option to export them so I can sync them between computers would be great)
  • Group requests (so that I can organize them better, for example by project or something)
  • A generator for CURL strings, maybe even some popular language, like does. This can be tricky so take it just as a light suggestion, but it would be really great to have at some point!
  • GraphQL client (like GraphiQL but better, with support to headers and such. It is very simple to implement, normally GraphQL queries are simple POST requests with a particular query string in the body object.)
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Rohit Awate Author

Great! Thanks for your input.
I'll try my best to incorporate these. :)

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