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Maxence Poutord
Maxence Poutord

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Apps, Tools, and Gear I Use

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This page is somewhat inspired by Wes Bos' Uses page. Keep in mind that I'm mostly doing Frontend development and I'm also a nomadic worker. In other words, I'm 100% remote and I travel. A lot.


laptop picture

As a digital nomad, I don't have space for a desk on my backpack! ;)


my ide

All of my config files (VS Code settings, bash aliases, git config...) are accessible on my dotfiles GitHub repository.


My main browser is Brave. It's a great, fast and safe Chrome alternative. I also use the following plugins:

I used to have Wappalyzer... but I've found this extension quite curious so I removed it!

Terminal & Command Line Apps

I mostly use my terminal in VSCode. Otherwise, I use iTerm (not a big fan!). My terminal theme is af-magic.

terminal screenshot

This is the list of plugins/apps I use:

  • Zsh with Oh My Zsh. Oh My Zsh is a framework for managing zsh configuration.
  • Lighthouse (CLI) - Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps.
  • Hub - a wrapper for Git command (Git+Hub=GitHub)
  • vtop - an alternative to activity monitor.
  • Tree - to generate a tree (like the Tree Windows command).
  • n - a super handy tool for node version management.

I also use Vim from time to time.

vim screenshot

Desktop Apps

I have a very minimalistic approach when it comes to my dock. If I don't use an app -at least- once a day, I remove it from the dock.

app screenshot

I also use these applications:

  • ProtonVPN and I pay for it! It's kind of mandatory to get a VPN when you travel in some Asian countries.
  • Giphy Capture is my go-to screen recording when I need to share something with my colleagues. I found it simple to use.
  • OBS - screen recording but for a longer video. I don't use it much...
  • Sequel Pro - when I need a GUI for MySQL.


My website is made with Gatsby.js and gatsby-starter-morning-dew. I also use these applications:

  • Grammarly - Helps me to remove typos / proofread my posts
  • Hemingway - "Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear."
  • Squoosh - Image compression
  • - Remove background on png

Other Gear

Having a good backpack is essential when you travel the most of your time. I use the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 (with packing cubes). I love it!

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codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald • Edited on

Awesome! I want to do one of these now. We should start a #mygear tag! (Want to add it to your article?)

Also, I'd forgotten about Hemingway. Thanks for the reminder. Excellent tool!

maxpou profile image
Maxence Poutord

Thanks Jason! 🙂
I saw your post about your gear, it's very interesting! I'll add this tag if I can!

andreanidouglas profile image
Douglas R Andreani

I would add Privacy Badger to your list of extensions
this extension approved by the EFF, block trackers and keep you private while browsing the internet

maxpou profile image
Maxence Poutord

I actually had Privacy Badger on FF but I forgot to add on Brave when I switched. Thank you Douglas!

kostassar profile image
Kostas Sar • Edited on

I used to have Wappalyzer... but I've found this extension quite curious so I removed it!

Could you please provide some detail on this?

maxpou profile image
Maxence Poutord

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