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Bye Bye College!

The turning point in my college life

Codefundo Project Idea - Cloud 9


This project’s basic idea is based on a mobile application which is to be installed on user’s device(s) before the event of the disaster. The aim is to tackle the critical problem of lack of mobile connectivity, which can be partially restored by creating virtual networks. This will solve common problems faced during disasters such as finding supplies, information regarding safe paths, safe spots, mutual help, groups etc. This can be achieved with the use Aerial Vehicles (Drones), microcells and other such portable networks.


The app will be functional for both online and offline (limited) usage. In offline mode the users will connect to one of the deployed devices, such as -

  • Microcell
  • Local Wi-Fi
  • 4G LTE (Device-to-device communication is currently under research)

Microcells will be deployed using drones in areas where cellular network is not available, when connected to a local…

Finally learnt Android Development in my final year :)

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