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Learn Python by Building 3 Small Apps

Hello everyone,

I've been streaming Python on my Twitch Stream and I've discovered that traditional ways of learning programming such, "How to manipulate strings", etc isn't necessarily the best way for folks to learn. Instead, I've taken the approach of building 3 small Python apps that incorporate the skills to be a successful app developer.

Update: I've recently published the next 3 apps, then they can be found below (video+source code):

App 1 - Basic Calculator - create a basic calculator and refactor the code into methods

Source code
Video (11 mins)

App 2 - Guess the number - import namespace and create a game where the player guesses the number that the computer guessed

Source code
Video (9 mins)

App 3 - How many days until... - Work with dates, find the difference in days between two dates.

Source code
Video (7 mins)


Stay tuned for future streams as we build out 7 additional Python apps from scratch or you can watch the condensed version by subscribing to my YouTube.

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