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Learn Python by Building 3 Small Apps - Part 2

Hello everyone,

I'm back again with a fresh set Python apps built from scratch on my Twitch Stream. If you missed the first three apps, then they can be found below (video+source code):

I've continued the approach of building 3 small Python apps that incorporate the skills to be a successful app developer.

App 4 - Journal Application - create a journal application that allows you to read/write entries to your local file system.

Source code
Video (9 mins)

App 5 - A web scraper - import a third party module and scrape a weather site for the current temperature for your local city/state.

Source code
Video (9 mins)

App 6 - Parse arguments from the CLI - Work with arguments, help documentation and more.

Source code
Video (4 mins)

The next set is coming shortly.


Stay tuned for future streams as we build out an additional 4 Python apps from scratch or you can watch the condensed version by subscribing to my YouTube.

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