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3 very cool projects (with demos) released at Microsoft Build

Hello everyone,

As Microsoft Build was happening, I was playing with the new bits as they were released. While checking them out, I created a series of videos that covered some of my favorites which includes:

  • Quake Mode on Windows Terminal
  • Azure Bicep
  • .NET Hot Reload

Let's jump in!

Quake Mode on Windows Terminal

"Quake Mode" allows you to open a new terminal instance from anywhere in Windows by pressing the Win + ` key.

You must be using the latest version of Windows Terminal Preview.

Just place this code in your "actions" section:

Supporting Materials:

Video (6 mins)

Azure Bicep

Bicep is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for deploying Azure resources declaratively without having to navigate the complexities of ARM templates. There are several benefits to this as it allows for a cleaner syntax, improved type safety, and better support for modularity and code re-use.

Supporting Materials:

Video (9 mins)

.NET Hot Reload

.NET Hot Reload which shipped in the latest Visual Studio 2019 preview allows you to modify your apps source code while the application is running, without the need to manually pause or hit a breakpoint. Just make a change and click the "apply code changes" button and the magic happens.

Supporting Materials:

Video (6 mins)



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