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Maxi Contieri
Maxi Contieri

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I've Recently Learned About GPT3 - This is my Journey

I've been very excited since GPT-3 release almost a year ago.

I applied early for closed beta, but had no news so far.

The product is nowadays controlled by Microsoft, and they are gatekeeping it to avoid unethical uses (and avoid past mistakes.

I've read some very interesting articles related to GPT-3:

The Latest AI Model

... and made some theoretical courses on it

Linkedin Learning

By now, GPT-3 is closer to narrow artificial intelligence than Artificial General intelligence. But it is a very successful narrow transformer deceiving humans for long time periods.

State of the art

There are not many GPT-3 Implementations due to being on closed beta.

There's an incipient app marketplace

GPT-3 Demo

Hopefully it will grow soon.

Moving forward

I've been thinking a lot about transformers and generators applied to programming.

Most code generators I've tested are too dumb. They can program very basic routines and are not yet able to create great software designs.

In my Code Smell Series, I suggest detection techniques and correction measures.

Some of them involve just syntactic manipulations most actual linters can do.

But, many of them require pattern recognition and some added intelligence.

I am anxious to build a GPT3 solution to assist programmers and made code reviews.

What do you think? Will we be using them in the near future?

Tell me in the comments below...

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