Favorite Smartphone in 2019

mdarrik profile image Darrik Moberg ・1 min read

After 5 (or 6?) years of having my current phone, I'm finding myself in the market for a new smartphone. I walked into a store to look, only to find that I couldn't tell much of a difference between phones from the demos. So I thought I'd ask here on which phones others like! So tell me your favorite smartphone brand and why!


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I'm rolling with a Sony XPeria XA2, which runs Sailfish X, as I was getting sick of Android-based phones and didn't want iOS either.

My biggest reason is that I want something simple, lightweight, that does a good job at phoning/music/internet news/the occasional photo, without spending a thousand, and without having to fight with the OS.


Haven't heard of sailfish. What's the app market place like and who makes the OS?


There are several.

It starts with the integrated Jolla marketplace (Harbour, which, sadly, doesn't offer a web interface to browse apps).

This marketplace has the most "stable" apps, as they're generally maintained by either the Sailfish core team or some "trusted" developers, but it's a pretty empty marketplace.

If you can't find what you want, then OpenRepos is your way to go, it's basically AUR for Sailfish, and offers a great range of native apps for many purposes.

To interact with OpenRepos right from the phone (because going on Internet is annoying), the fairly good Storeman app is fit.

If you want to install and manage some android apps, surely, F-droid is the way to go, as it provides the cleanest and lightest apps, but as every FOSS project, it's not "filled" with every kind of app, so if you really need to find some specific apps, there are a few apps and services (I never tried) that provide a "front-end" over Google Play, allowing you to download and manage GPlay apps without a google account.

Now, for a bit of story, as this page explains in a more detailed version, SailfishOS is a project started by the core team of the MeeGo OS, which was a joint effort between Nokia and Intel for a linux-based operating system.

The biggest advantage I think I can find on my sailfish x phone is the ability to run ARMv7-built Linux softwares and daemons.

Want GPG for your e-mails? Well, install gpgv2.

Want syncthing without a huge service running in the background? Install the linux syncthing daemon and you're set.

Want to use your phone as a pi-hole for 4g tethering? Well, sure, why not.

That seems crazy awesome for someone looking for a really personal experience with their phone or who wants to play with IOT and a smartphone.

Though I worry that it has the classical Linux problem of having too much freedom/ requiring too much technical know-how for your average user to really jive with.

Well, the base project is a professional-oriented OS, sooo


I found the Huawei P30 to be a very good quality/price compromise. IMO one of the best in its mid tiers category. Large storage, great specs, photos with the Leica lenses are sublime.

My second choice would be the Samsung A50. If you do not care of photos, for a little bit less dollars you can reach similar (or equal, and even more for some aspects) quality than the P30. Again, amazing quality/price ratio here.


Had to look the Huawei P30 up. That camera sounds like πŸ”₯!

I've had some poor experiences with the lower-tier Samsung phones (sub-par UI and they felt cheaply made, and some other stuff). Does the A50 still feel like a quality smart phone?


I only bought the P30 for my wife so I could not tell if the A50 is worthy, If I were on the shop with you and you hesitate between both, I would definitively advice the P30 ✌️😁


In terms of features, I feel like "portrait mode" and "wide lens" (or whatever it's called) are camera features that people really like. If you want interesting camera features, portrait mode is a real difference maker for me feeling like I can do a lot of fun things with my camera πŸ˜„

I feel like the iPhone is a beast of a machine these days and am happy with my iOS choice, but I wouldn't argue against Android. I think there are pros and cons to every feature (and price point). The one difference maker for me is that I do genuinely appreciate that Apple has positioned themselves so explicitly pro-privacy.


I really like the privacy/security commitment of Apple too. I'm also super curious to see how they plan on achieving their commitment to sustainability. Supposedly, it may involve making it easier to repair/upgrade phones in the future so you don't have to keep buying new ones.

On the other hand, I kinda don't like that Apple is one of the major driving forces for the rising costs of smartphones (some of the iPhones cost more than my current laptop). I also dislike that you kind of get stuck with Apple if you want to keep all of your apps and stuff.

Also, can you split screen/multi task on iPhones yet? Split screen is super useful for things like watching Twitch streams where changing windows means you lose chat and have to reload the video.


I am a big fan of the one+ phones, if I didn't use google fi, I would definitely switch to one of their phones.


What sets them apart for you?


They are generally a very well made product, with great customer.
I like their aesthetics, and they always have top end specs.
Their price is usually super competitive and the only they usually suffer wit h is the camera, which I admittedly don't use very much. Though their latest phone is supposed to be pretty good now.

Another option is the budget pixel 3a which is less power but better camera and vanilla google OS with timely updates


I bought a pixel 3a a few months ago and I love it! It's a great phone with very good specs for its price. I recommend it.


Is there anything specific about the 3A that you really love?


Price tag, availability, hardware, software.

I didn't want to put too much money on a phone, but I still wanted something good. After a bit of research I found that the 3a beat every other mid range phone available in Canada. It also was supported by my phone company.

It doesn't have bloatware when you get it either.

Make sure you get a good case tho! I have the "unicorn beetle" from amazon. It comes with a screen protector.