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Great post Scott and congrats on your sobriety! I personally love the idea of companies providing alcoholic drinks (I'm a craft beer girl), but there should definitely be some viable and equally unique alternatives for those who choose to stay sober. If it's not automatically implemented, then the company has an inclusion problem.

Furthermore, I have to add a few things from my feminine perspective:

First off, "going out and getting plastered as 'team building'" can become very uncomfortable very quickly since some people don't act appropriately while drunk. I can't imagine wanting to work for a company that encourages this type of 'team building'.

Secondly, in addition to employees who are in recovery, have religious reasons, or have health concerns, as reasons to stay sober, there's also pregnant women or women trying to conceive to consider. (#womenintech)

And personally, my code is shit after two beers. Though, sometimes it's shit without any beers. :D

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