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What CDN do you use and why?

What CDN are you using and why? I’m actively working on something very similar to a CDN, so I’m curious to see what everyone uses and why?

My baseline requirements are always for a CDN:

  • sub 30ms globally for “hot regions” (see list below)
  • ability to push and persist content, not just pull and cache for short periods of time
  • traffic and latency insights

the hot country list:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Brazil
  5. Argentina
  6. Australia
  7. Germany
  8. Spain
  9. Israel
  10. China

ping requirements (per number):

  1. 15-30ms
  2. 20-30ms
  3. 15-30ms
  4. 30ms
  5. 30ms
  6. 15-30ms
  7. 20-30ms
  8. 30ms
  9. 20-40ms (exception made)
  10. 20-40ms (exception made)

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Ben Halpern

We use Fastly because it's super well optimized for caching "dynamic" data. In fact, even as others might have caught up, just a few years ago it seemed miles ahead of the game.

Computing at the edge is super great, and overall they're a mature, powerful offering.

I feel like we should be using more of their services but we pretty much just use the basic CDN.

We also use Cloudfront a bit in places it hooks in nicely with our other AWS products.

michaelgv profile image

I've found fastly is good for dynamic data, but a lot of CDNs are catching up. I've recently ditched S3 + Cloudfront in favour of BunnyCDN, due to their built-in storage zone feature, and their awesome pricing of $0.03/GB in Australia area

nicolasguzca profile image

+1 on Fastly. An awesome CDN.

d1p profile image
Debashis Dip

We use Cloudflare and CloudFront depending on our clients need.
Although most of the time they go with CloudFlare for the extra layer of security and because it's free 🤑