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The artwork is fantastic. I reckon you could have a decent side-hustle selling artwork elements for other designers to use!

Anyway... my critique...

Check the site on a mobile phone. Many of your navigation elements are too small to read, let alone click.

The creative concept is cute, but the user experience suffers. Websites are user interfaces first. It was not obvious to me that some of the elements on the screen could be clicked on.

I recommend reading some of Jacob Nielsen's usability stuff - Warning: he does prioritize 'easy to use' over 'pretty to look at'. Maybe google "Objective v Subjective Design" as well.

While I'm mentioning UX, Watch this short video on "Badly designed doors" [5mins 31secs] - while it has nothing to do with web design, it has everything to do with the user experience, and I hope you can take the concept back to your web designs.

Oh - and while I'm thinking about it - the clock at the bottom - you should shorten the hour hand to avoid ambiguous times. This video explains the issue well

BTW: I'm not suggesting you scrap what you have done. Instead I'm hoping I have inspired you to think about how you can make your current design easier to use.

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Lynne Author

I really do appreciate your feedback and will be taking a look at all of the resources you gave me. I really want to become a good designer and developer. This really made me see things that I overlooked. Thank you!

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Agree with him, some may understand last part is not there just for the design but can be' clickable bit its not immediate. What tools you use for artwork ? Very cool overall

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Lynne Author

Yes, I totally understand the confusion of clickable items and I’m trying to find ideas on how to make that more immediate. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at it! ☺️

I used Figma to create some of the images. But created most elements using just CSS.