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Discussion on: How are tag moderators decided on Dev ?

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Michael Tharrington • Edited on

Hey @amananandrai ! This is a great question. 😀

And @helenanders26 is absolutely right with this explanation! Folks can write in to request to become tag or community moderators.

We also frequently search DEV for friendly, helpful folks that we think might make good mods. I think it's most important that any mods we take on have a history of abiding by the Code of Conduct... we really want to ensure that anyone who has this status is being kind and inclusive to folks on site at all times.

Also, if someone is requesting to be a tag mod, it really helps their chances if they've written on the subject that they are hoping to moderate for. They need to be prepared to explain why they'd make a good mod for whatever tag they'd like to moderate.

I hope this info helps!

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amananandrai Author

Thanks, @michaeltharrington and the additional info provided by you has helped to clear all the doubts about tag moderation.