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DEV Tag Moderation Guide

The DEV Tag Moderator program gives select users the ability to help organize content across, making DEV users’ feeds more relevant and the site easier to navigate.

Tag mods work with each other and DEV staff to ensure that content on the site is tagged appropriately, while also politely educating DEV users on how to follow tag guidelines.

You can see who the moderators of each tag are by visiting a tag's landing page. (e.g. the #ruby tag page).

To sum up a few tag moderator abilities, they can:

  • Remove/add tags that they moderate from/to certain posts
  • Update their tag's sidebar (i.e. add a description, submission guideline, etc).
  • Update their tag's 'pretty name' and colors.

In addition, tag moderators are also granted trusted user abilities, these privileges are described in the DEV Trusted User Guide.

If you're interested in becoming a trusted user or tag moderator, please email!

How to Remove or Add Tags

If you are the moderator of a tag, you have the ability to remove that tag from posts that should not contain it. Likewise, if you see a post that fits your tag and isn't using it, you can add your tag to it. These actions help us keep content categorized appropriately, so that people can confidently follow tags, knowing that they'll see the subjects they're interested in.

  1. Visit an article you'd like to add or remove tags to.
  2. Click the Mod Panel button in the lower-right corner.
  3. Click on Adjust Tags.
  4. Choose the tag you wish to remove (indicated by a red "minus" icon) or add (indicated by a green "plus" icon). Please include the reason for removing/adding your tag from/to this post, remembering to be positive and polite. The author will receive a notification that the tag has been removed/added, along with your message.


Note: once you remove the tag, the author will not be able to add it back. Only remove tags when you are confident they are inappropriate, and please do not remove tags simply because you did not like the post.

How to Update the Tag Sidebar, Pretty Name, & Color

  1. Visit: (e.g.
  2. Update the form. See the image below for a reference of each field. All fields accept Markdown except the pretty name and summary.
  3. Click save changes!


Tags with Special Support

Some tags on DEV require special support from DEV staff as they have specific mechanics or are related to events with particular requirements. While we occasionally accept help outside of the org with these tags, we typically reserve these for the DEV team to moderate.

Examples of Special Support Tags: