Community Moderation Guide

The DEV Community Moderator program gives trusted users the ability to help promote valuable posts and push down articles that we deem spammy, overly promotional, or unhelpful. It also provides moderators the ability to quickly flag harassment, as well as a few other neat things.

Neat things include:

  • Quick emoji ratings to down-rank content
  • Suggest a tweet for a post
  • Rate the experience level of a post
  • A mod dashboard!

To become a community or tag moderator, please email!

To access these features for an article, append "/mod" to the URL of any article or click "Moderate Post" located underneath the title of each post beside the read time.


Using our quick emoji rating to down-rank content

Clicking on the 'thumbsdown' or 'vomit' button will activate them. Here's what each emoji does:

  1. Thumbsdown(πŸ‘Ž): a quick way to "push content down" so that it’s less likely to be seen on the site (i.e. articles that only have a teaser paragraph and send the reader to an external link for the rest).
  2. Vomit(🀒): a quick way to flag content that violates the Code of Conduct or Terms so the DEV core team is notified and can take action.


To down-rank comments, append /mod to the comment permalink or click 'moderate' from the ellipses on the comment.


Examples of when to use πŸ‘Ž vs. 🀒

Use πŸ‘Ž for articles...

  • that are linking to external content (e.g. "read more here")
  • that are advertising a product or service in a distasteful way (e.g. stealthy or dishonest marketing tactics)
  • that are factually incorrect or misinformed (only if this appears to be by mistake; purposefully crafting inaccurate posts should be reported with a 🀒)

Use 🀒 for articles...

  • that are factually incorrect (when they appear to be purposefully crafted to mislead)
  • that do not abide by our Code of Conduct (i.e. posts that are negative and exclusive)
  • that are using affiliate marketing links

Suggesting a tweet for a post

If you think a post is particularly good, help us craft a tweet to give it a shout out through one of our Twitter accounts. The tweet suggestion is not guaranteed to be used, but will be reviewed by a team member.


Rating the experience level of a post

Using the 1-10 scale (1: beginner; 10: most advanced), rate what you believe a post's experience level to be. While this is somewhat subjective, just use your best judgement taking into account any bias you may have based on your own knowledge of the topic. This will help us bring more relevant posts to each individual's feed depending on their experience level.


Mod Dashboard

To do the above two things (suggest-a-tweet & rate experience levels) in bulk, visit:!