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re: Will you consider writing an article about your Starcraft 2 AI? I am sooo curious. (Or just send me to some additional resources?) I used to pla...

And I'd love to post here but it's a little intimidating, especially considering that I'm a total novice when it comes to AI. Maybe I could post about how easy it is to get started!

This is really fascinating. The idea of training your own AI to battle your opponent's version is really fun and interesting. For maps with only one spawn location, I would think a super-early proxy gateway strategy to train pairs of Zealots would be pretty deadly, especially with perfectly-managed usage of the chrono boost. For your coworker's AI to account for that threat, it might have to devote more resources for early defense and/or scouting.

I'll check out the article you linked, could be a fun weekend project (and justifiable escape back to SC2) once I get some free time.

A "how to get started" post would be great if you feel up to it; but of course, no pressure. I'm just sure a lot of us would be interested ! :)

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