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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

Hello from a cloud


  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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Thanks for being a part of our community everyone! We become better when more folks take part, ask questions, leave plenty of ❤️ and 🦄.

Poke around and have fun.


Hello everyone,I come here by accidentally.I'm glad to find you guys,thanks Ben,we will be friends!


Hi Ben, hope you're doing great! Thank you for having me here.


Hello Ben, thanks for having us here. It's a great world to share our thoughts and ideas.


Thanks for offering some wonderful advice. It's really appreciated from a new programmer's perspective!


Hi all,

I'm a web developer on the Northern California coast. I've been employed in this field for a little over a year now, but have been studying programming and doing freelance work off-and-on for about 13 years. I prefer working on the back-end, but do front-end work as well. My latest challenges are learning how to build custom Shopify stores and writing Shell scripts to keep all of our sites backed-up and up-to-date.

I love to travel, and am going to try out being a digital nomad for a month, while traveling solo through 9 countries in SE and NE Asia. I leave mid-March!

I've been on this site for a few weeks now, and have learned a lot from the articles. I especially appreciate the "career" articles, as they have helped me think through my own career, where I want to be, and how to get there.


Sounds interesting. Have a good trip!


Hi everyone! I'm Tanya and a full-stack .NET developer based in Atlanta, GA.


Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie in the world of programming (JavaScript mainly). I joined the network for I want to surround my self with people who are passionate about programming and their craft.

Thank you!


Welcome to the world of programming.


Hey there! I have too started with JavaScript and am making currently making a small game. Let me know if you would like to check it out


Hello there!

I am Vinay, a Linux Sysadmin with a strong interest in the DevOps mindset (atleast I believe it's a mindset than a role) who's eager to learn from each and everyone of you here, while giving back to the community and therefore I started following this awesome site {now 1 of my permanent bookmarks ;-)}

Looking forward to imbibe as much knowledge and share it as much I can.

PS: When I'm not dabbling with technology, I'm also an avid artist and you can check out my work here [bit.ly/2D1ZPgL]. Any sort of feedback on that will be much appreciated.

1 more PS: For any fellow artists here, please reach out to me to know more on how I've deployed the above, in case you wish to host your own.

3 cheers to the Dev.to community! :)


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Did you know that white animal thing is called a moomin?? I sure didn't.


An Angular4 developer here. I've been coding in my spare time in Perl for many years. Glad to be here.


Hey there, I’ve been learning angular4 recently, I like the cli!


Hi Joshua. It's very nice the Angular team came up with the command line utility. I personally always try to do the things the hard way - in order to get a better sense what's happening underneath - and this includes avoiding the cli for a long time. But for any practical reason stick to it.


Hi all, I like your posts very relatable .. one day I wont be considered a jr. No mo hopefully


Hello there, I am William, developer at KissKissBankBank, Paris. Happy to join the community!


Hi Will, happy to know there's some parisian around. Good experience at 2(K+B) ?


Hello Alex!

Great experience so far! The team is kind and strong, the project inspiring.


Hello! 🙃😊👋🙌 Happy to be a part of the community. Hope I could learn and give back. Looking forward to lots of informations and excitement.


Hello World!!
Good to see everyone out here holding it down; looking forward to being a part of it.
I'm obsessed with coding a Starcraft 2 AI at the moment. It can't even beat the in-game AI yet, but maybe I can blame that on a lack of training time...


Will you consider writing an article about your Starcraft 2 AI? I am sooo curious. (Or just send me to some additional resources?) I used to play all the time and was reasonably competitive (Diamond League).

Does your AI have APM limitations? Otherwise, I know things can get crazy.

Does it play a specific race?

Does it use a general strategy? Or will it sometimes rush, focus on macro, drops, etc?

Just super curious 😇

cc @maestromac who might find this interesting, as well!


Awesome! I've only just got my feet on the ground, here, and I've been following this guy Steven Brown's guides on Medium: chatbotslife.com/building-a-basic-...
His guides work beautifully one after another to get you started on first making a bot that can do ANYthing at all, then working up to adding reinforcement learning and saved training data, etc. Highly recommended for a great weekend project (especially since SC2 is free now!)
The AI I'm working on right now is solely Protoss, and has no limit on APM, because I'm trying to see how strong I can get it at the moment. I have a coworker who's also gotten into it at the same time as me and we battle our AIs against one another, so APM isn't an issue. As of my current level, it rushes the hell out of opponents every game, but once I tackle the challenge of ai-friendly minor unit control and placement the AI might be able to teach itself how to macro better.
That's really the most interesting thing about this entire experiment is that you really don't determine what specific STRATEGY the AI picks so much as give it a realm of options and a reward algorithm and then turn it loose for a while.


And I'd love to post here but it's a little intimidating, especially considering that I'm a total novice when it comes to AI. Maybe I could post about how easy it is to get started!

This is really fascinating. The idea of training your own AI to battle your opponent's version is really fun and interesting. For maps with only one spawn location, I would think a super-early proxy gateway strategy to train pairs of Zealots would be pretty deadly, especially with perfectly-managed usage of the chrono boost. For your coworker's AI to account for that threat, it might have to devote more resources for early defense and/or scouting.

I'll check out the article you linked, could be a fun weekend project (and justifiable escape back to SC2) once I get some free time.

A "how to get started" post would be great if you feel up to it; but of course, no pressure. I'm just sure a lot of us would be interested ! :)


Hi! Stumbled here, looking for a editor comparison: Visual Studio Code vs Atom. So here I am, and always happy to join new dev communities.


Hello all! I'm a PHP developer from Tennessee. I'm excited to be a part of this amazing community.


Hi everyone! I am an actress-turned-coder. I manage the student experience at a university coding bootcamp, after functioning for 5 months post-graduation as a tutor and TA in fullstack web development. My passion is for vanilla Javascript and React, but I'm looking to get better at functional programming and Redux. It's been a wild ride since I started learning a year ago.


Self-taught web developer working my way into a development position in my current company. I found HTML/CSS easy to understand, but have been working on becoming more confident with my Javascript skills.

I live in Arizona but I am originally from London, England. Die-hard Man United fan.


@jissac87 We need to cross paths. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm a junior full stack software developer/engineer. I'm willing to assist you in any way and help facilitate your growth/depth of understanding in Javascript of needed. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you. Take care!


Hi, gang, pleased to meet you, my tag is hexram and I am an old timer from the FORTRAN IV jurassic era, back in the 1970's. Met my share of OSes in a couple of IT jobs and now I am a quasi-retired engineer with some time to teach and maybe do some consulting work regarding linux.


This is very belated - but nice to meet you Héctor :)

Woo! FORTRAN :) - what is the biggest change you've seen in tech over your career?


Hi, Chris, thank you for your welcome. My very personal feeling of the biggest change I have seen in tech was the transition from proprietary to open, call it what you may: hardware, software, firmware, peopleware, ... To point out a specific case, FORTRAN compilers were not always compliant with the standards and there was no guarantee that some program written for an older version would run under a newer one; in those days we referred as "migration" the (possible but rather frequent) rewriting of programs after any compiler update.

FORTRAN compilers were not always compliant with the standards and there was no guarantee that some program written for an older version would run under a newer one; in those days we referred as "migration" the (possible but rather frequent) rewriting of programs after any compiler update.

This sounds incredibly tough

Ah, that's a great point! open source has really come a long way, that's for sure. And yeah - that must have been so annoying if compilers weren't consistent - Makes me really appreciate what we have now.

Thanks for the answer! - DEV is so neat - we get to talk to a bunch of people with different skillsets and experiences. Thanks :)


Hello there!

It's been a year since I started using Java programming language. I was familiar with C++, but the transition still a big change for me, because I jumped in before learning to swim. After taking a step back, and starting from the beginning, I found that it's easy, but I still find myself still making rookie mistakes, so I am hoping to learn a lot from this community. Even get introduced to new programming language!

See you around!


Hi guys.. I am new ta dev,.. I am a Linux enthusiast and see myself as a Researcher in Kernel Development and Machine Learning in near future. I love to discuss over emerging technologies and connect to to brilliant and interactive people who find it okay to share their opinions and experiences about latest trends, tools and tech.


Hello everyone. I found this community via the merch site that popped up on Producthunt recently. I immediately bought 2 sweatshirts before I even realised that the site wasn't just a shop selling cool clothes for devs.

So basically for my first 5 minutes of Dev.to life, I was like one of those hipster girls who wear Led Zeppelin tshirts having never listened to the band.

Thankfully though, I can walk the walk - I've been a full stack developer for about 15 years. The last 10 years I've been 100% Ruby on Rails. I've dabbled a bit in some Node.js frameworks but Ruby/Rails is where my comfort zone is.

I've launched several products, some of which were acquired, more info here:

After 1.5 years of working on my last SaaS product while beach hopping around Asia, I was seduced back into corporate life to a senior product / tech role at a global MNC in the finance industry. I've been doing that now for the last 2 years.

I'm here to keep my skills sharp and to maybe also provide an enterprise tech perspective on discussions, if that'll be useful to people!


What up. I'm Noah. I live in the Tacoma area (south of Seattle) and work even further south. I work as an Application Developer using mostly ASP.NET (still running web forms [I know I know...]) with a bunch of SQL database stuff and basic JQuery and JavaScript tied in here and there. I've dabbled in MVC (and we're eventually moving towards .NET Core MVC as well as moving to a cloud base), and have some experience in AngularJS (1.6+ but not Angular2), HTML, CSS, other JavaScript functionality, some SUPER basic API stuff and that's all for the code side.

I want to be a better coder. I want to have a better understanding on where and how things started and where things are going in the future and I want to be involved but I am seriously overwhelmed by it all about 94% of the time. And honestly, feel super lost without some guidance on what I really should be doing. So I come here. I read stuff. I hope to get a little bit of this and that on the side while learning-by-doing on-the-job.

I just started snowboarding again after nearly 10 years. I play guitar. I write sometimes, sometimes I play PlayStation, and I have some kids who keep my busy.

Say hi. Be my mentor. Flip me off. Whatever. I'm just really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by talking to people.


Hi everyone, greetings from Singapore! I recently found this amazing place while doing career research and general reading for enrichment and would love to be part of this community.

I've been doing IT in the banking industry for coming 8 years now, dabbled mainly in rdbms, some web dev, some backend, but I've been doing ETL stuff for the last 2-3 years or so (sql server, Informatica, oracle) and absolutely hate it. Looking at my career runway I'm starting to transit into a project manager role which I don't want. At this juncture I'm picking up python trying to transition into a ML career but it's proving tough to self learn while on a full time job.

Hope to learn lots from other people's journeys and get more clarity on my own!


Hi, had a friend at work post the article Four Security Principles That Software Developers Should Follow by Rob Waller, @robdwaller , in our chat, and it was an excellent article, so I figured i'd join.


Thanks, that is very kind of you to say so. Welcome and I hope you enjoy dev.to as much as I do.


Hi all! I ended up here while looking for how to write clean code.. I hope I can improve my knowledge about clean coding and other programming related stuffs through this community. Thanks for having me here.


Hi, I'm Rafa, a computer engineer student and I was looking for a good font for Atom and saw an article here, then day by day started to read some other articles, now I have decided to participate as part of the community and hopefully learn from you in the process.


Hi, I've started trying to learn programming again in the beginning of January. First time was back in '95 with a book for the assembly language. Started with javascript now after a suggestion from my boss. Took a course in java at the university some years back. Have some ideas of migrating into typescript/clojurescript. Who knows, it feels fun to learn programming again :). About myself, I'm a 40-year old, laidback guy from Trondheim, Norway. I like prog rock, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Bach. English humour, Monty Python, Young Ones, Rowan Atkinson, It Crowd. Craft beer, computers, video games and snooker among a few things :)


Hi everyone. I just came here after reading an article by Steven Yung (stvnyung) - be good at one thing, not average at everything.

And that's "Mumin" a Nepali cartoon- mero Mumin from my childhood, saying Welcome!


Hello there!
My name is Alex, and I was directed here by a friend who said I could learn a lot from folks on the platform. I'm a python developer with some experience in building RESTful APIs with flask and django. I just recently discovered the GOF and my head is now deep into design patterns. I'm also interested in learning more on how to build modularize code & apps. I also landed on GraphQL pretty recently and I'll sinking my head into that as well and I hope to find people who can guide me on that path on the platform. Yeah, btw I'm a cs major and am this semester am taking Machine Learning and Algorithm Design and Analysis courses so that is also part of my obsession. Looking forward to learn and share!


Hi folks!
I am a web developer and system administrator from Norway, I found this page by an accident, but glad I did.
I am currently working on developing a web application and want to learn more about developing progressive web apps. So I appreciate ideas and advice from you guys (and girls)


Hello everyone! I'm a web developer from Milan, Italy, happy to join this community.
I think it is nice to have a place like this, where you can find people that understand, and love, what we do everyday.
Look forward to learn more and more, and to share what I know :)



Hi everyone, my name is Dashon (pronounced day shawn) Hawkins or you can call me DJ. I found this by accident looking for additional resources. I'm currently a junior full stack software developer/engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and was an actual DJ for 20+ years. Just 18 months ago, I couldn't code at all and now I can't recognize myself. My story isn't traditional, but also isn't unique in many aspects (just ask me about my amazing journey). I'm a graduate (July 27th 17) of a coding bootcamp called Galvanize. I'm out of their 1st Phoenix, Arizona cohort. I'm currently working on my own and have a multiple companies my full service digital agency is called Ghetto Geek LLC, who is partnered with another firm to make our parent company called 3 Comma Devs. If there's any way I can assist, I will and I will share valuable insight from my perspective as much as I can. I have a tremendous amount to learn and grow and as you all know, you never stop learning in this field. I look forward to meeting everyone!