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Top programming languages every new age programmer needs to know

Staying on top is what everyone endeavors, and being one of the best programmers in town requires sheer patience and the intellect to choose the right programming language that one needs to learn to cope up with the fast pacing IT-industry. It might confuse anyone that out of 600 unique programming languages, which one would be suitable enough for the new era. Here’s a list of some of the best programming language one needs to know to rock the stage out there.


This is a high-level programming language, which can be considered as the most used programming language by any developer. It was surveyed by the stack overflow developer for 64,000 developers in 173 countries and they came to know that about 62.5% programmers use this programming language for developing their projects. JavaScript enables one programmer to build websites that are interactive and after HTML and CSS, this is the most sought-after language used by programmers to develop websites as most of the web browsers, implements this language someway.

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Java is a practical high-level programming language and was designed by James Gosling to bypass the complexities of C++. Nearly 90% of the IT companies use this language to develop their desktop apps and back-end systems. Java boasts the cross-platform environment JVM (Java Virtual Machine), which helps the programmers to develop the program anywhere and run the program everywhere. The OOPs(Object Oriented Programming) concept in Java, makes it a highly effective programming language as it helps to develop software and apps on multiple niches, such as server-side apps, mobile apps, and gaming apps. For example, if a user wants to develop an app that will allow one to buy 3000 Instagram followers or such marketing apps, one can easily take the help of Java in that case. Java is hugely popular among developers as it is the core of native Android apps.

Angular JS

This is a JavaScript-based application framework. This is maintained by Google and many other corporations to meet the challenges that are always encountered while developing any single page applications. This cross-platform framework is written in JavaScript and is used on websites such as ABC News, NBC, Intel, Wolfram Alpha, Sprint. In a survey conducted in October 2016, it was seen that around 12,000 out of 1 million websites use this framework. Among the most starred projects of the GitHub, AngularJS stands in the top 100. It can be used along with Angular 2 to create apps. This structural framework can also be used to create dynamic web apps. Designers can use HTML as the template language along with Angular JS. This framework makes much of the code itself, which one had to write himself. Single page websites can also be created using this framework. Suppose one wants to create a single page website that will allow customers to buy instagram followers, Angular JS will help the developer in one and many ways to develop such a single page website.


This is a high-level programming language developed in 1983 to bring an alternative to C. It gained popularity for many reasons. It might astonish anyone if they know that Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome are created using this language. In fact, Adobe and Amazon have also C++ in many parts of their websites. Finance, gaming, banking, electronic and many more fields have warmly welcomed this language because it catered to the needs of many of them. The advantage of learning C++ is that it allows one programmer to code commercial websites as well as code games and apps respectively. It includes a variety of features such as platform independence, encapsulation, data hiding, inheritance, and polymorphism. It is a very convenient language for developing large projects.


This is a programming language designed by Microsoft to develop apps on the Microsoft platform. This is an object-oriented programming language, and it is used to work for apps that are powered by the .NET framework. Its simple and easy to use features makes it a reliable programming language that one can use to develop games using the Unity game engine. It reads closer to English as it is a high-level language and it abstracts the complex details of the computer. Being a programmer, one can use this language as he/she does not have to worry about the little details of the computer. This platform helps the programmer to create Android and its apps in a simpler way and one can create anything from mobile apps to web services and server applications using this platform.


Millions of website using Facebook and Wikipedia use PHP in some way. There aren’t any hard rules for PHP and it is flexible in solving many problems. It is used in popular content management systems and since it is a server-side scripting language, it forms the base of Facebook and Wordpress. It helps one to create stunning web applications and websites. One can use PHP in many web development projects such as e-commerce, content management system and mobile app management. It is easy to learn and has numerous uses. For example, if one developer wants to develop an e-commerce website that will enable buyers to buy Instagram followers, he/she can very easily do that using PHP.


This language was established in 1972 is still proves to be a very, very popular programming language. This language enables programmers to write programs in the UNIX operating system. It is a machine level language and being a c programmer, one needs to know that how the program interacts with the hardware, and since it is a stable programming language, many computing platforms uses it. The Linux OS is created using C language and popular web applications such as Spotify, eBay, and Dropbox, use this language. There are many features of C that makes it so popular such as its simplicity and fast speed.

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