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First Day at Flatiron

Reporting in during my first day of the software engineering program at Flatiron School.

I'd be lying if I said that my nerves aren't running a little high. I feel as though all of the pre-work I completed has given me a solid starting off point to tackle this course but I know there are still tons of challenges ahead.

I'm updating this blog as I go through my first day, and there are currently a few of us getting to know each other in one of the Breakout rooms that our instructor Sam set up. Everyone seems super supportive so far and that already makes me feel much easier about getting through this program. The collaborative aspect of this field is one of the major aspects that drew me towards this space and I look forward to working closely with the members of my cohort.

1:00 pm has come and so it's time for lunch break. Taking 30 minutes to get outside, walk the dog, and take in some fresh air. After a brisk break to keep the mind clear, I'll be back to get some studying in before our lecture on Variables and Data Types begins.

2:00pm is now here and its time to hop into lecture. Today's topic was Variables and Data Types. Nothing all new information wise compared to what we touched on this topic during the pre-work. The instructor did provide some clarity on if, else, if conditions for me, this was definitely an area where I struggled a bit during pre-work.

We had a brief sync with Sam, our cohort leader, after the lecture and then broke for the day to tackle some assignments given to us. I think I'm going to end this first post here and I'll check back in tomorrow morning.

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