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re: Thank you Ali, I would love to have any feedback on my portfolio.

Hi Khang!

The delays and animations make the experience seem very slow to me. "I am thinking" and progress bars and so on seem unnecessary when it's really not a lot of content. If I use the scroll wheel to go down three sections it takes about six seconds because I have to wait each time. Without these delays it'd take about half a second and that definitely affects my opinion of the site's performance.

The thumbnail image of a site you made ("Natours") is over 2000px wide but you're using the browser to scale it to under 500px wide. That looks like a waste of bandwidth to me (nearly a megabyte), and I definitely noticed the image progressively loading, which adds to the overall slow feeling. Maybe you could preprocess it in the site's build stage to get that down to something more like 50Kb.

You're inconsistent in your language - for example, on the same "Natours" page you use both "css" and "CSS" in the same line. There are a few places where the sentence structure is incorrect such as "WHAT I CAPABLE OF" instead of "WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF", but that's nothing that getting a friend to proofread wouldn't fix. It's often really hard to notice mistakes in things you've written yourself.

I find the animations distracting and inconsistent: why does clicking the hamburger animate the background out to a menu but not back in when you close it?

I can use the scroll wheel to change pages, but it's not clear where I am on the page, whether there's a page before or after the current one, or whether there's content on the page I can't see because I can't scroll to it - if my browser is not tall enough I can't read beyond the top of any page. I have just noticed an animated arrow in the bottom right, but if I click it, nothing happens. I guess it's there to signify that I can use my scroll wheel, but it's not obvious.

I assumed the this was a single-page site where the hamburger menu took you to different lanes, but the names of the pages in the menu don't match up with the headings of the actual lanes. This makes me confused and if I use the menu to navigate and try to click on the current page (I don't know if it's the current page because of the name difference) it simply does nothing.

The whole site is inaccessible by keyboard: I can't change pages with arrow keys or page-up and -down, I can only tab between a few of the elements...

The page doesn't work without javascript enabled and thus there may be problems with SEO - I'm guessing SEO is important to you on a portfolio site! It looks like it's React, right, so maybe you could use next to help with that?


Wow thanks so much for such a detail feedback. I kinda noticed some of those issues but have not got time to come back. Again, thanks so much for pointing out my mistakes, that helps me a lot.

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