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Discussion on: "Learn at least one new language every year" is bad advice

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

I do consider all of those languages. I've written a series of articles about various paradigms.

Indeed, I'd say somebody who's done modern web development, full stack, who claims to only know PHP is most likely incorrect. Each of those you mentioned, like SQL and HTML, and let's also include JavaScript, and if we're generous: CSS, those are all different ways of looking at a problem. That's exactly what I'm after when I want people to learn other languages: these other approaches to solving a problem.

Now, it's quite possible to hack around in all of those and get a site working without really understanding why. Or it's quite possible to over-apply PHP and ignore all those other bits. Thus simply using these bits isn't enough to be a good programmer, but truly understanding all the bits probably is.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

I'm surprised by how often you and I seem miles apart when we first comment on something but then when we peel back the layers, and maybe define some terms, we end up pretty close to each other.