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re: Hi Ryan, this terminal looks amazing :) Can you point me to a reference about the concrete model? And what other terminals do you have?

The terminal is an Apple IIc Plus, the last of the line of 6502 based 8-bit computers from Apple. I'm using the communication software MODEM.MGR on the Apple for its vt220 emulation. The computer connects over serial to a serial to USB adapter which connects to a CHIP computer (a single board computer like the Pi running Debian). The CHIP is running a piece of software called tcpser which provides a modem emulator. The idea for the wifi modem came from The PiModem Project.

The workflow is the //c+ "dials" in to the CHIP computer, and from there I ssh to where I need to go. I use tmux to manage all of my terminal sessions.

I only have one true terminal, a Dec VT420. That terminal will be set up for next week. I have several retro computers that I can use as terminals which I will be digging out in the weeks to come since it looks like I'll be home for at least 4 more weeks. 😁

Thx for sharing, you are inspiring me :)

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