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💬 Using Telegram for notes, bookmarks, and more

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It’s no secret that Telegram is my favorite instant messaging platform. The advantages are many, with the biggest being its cross-platformness (it’s a word now, I just used it). I can run Telegram on any of my devices and computers, easily sharing information, pictures, and other multimedia.

Telegram offers unlimited storage, although the individual file size is limited to 2GB. More than enough space for bookmarks, notes, pictures, and videos that I may come across in my internet travels.

Create some private groups

I have started private groups called Notes and Bookmarks to save little bits of information that I come across throughout the day. These groups have only one member, me! Telegram by default creates a Saved Messages group for you, but I like to break up the information. You could create a private group for each category. Do you like gardening? Create a private group called Gardening and save your notes, bookmarks, and other information in it.

These private groups are my “brain dump”, or a GTD inbox. They give me an easy way to save information. By lowering the friction to save, I have a better chance of actually saving the information.

To create a private group, you have to invite at least one other person. I use my wife’s account for this. After the group is created, you can remove the other person so that you are the only member. Now you can save your stuff into your group.

Saving information

On my iPhone, I use the Share Sheet and save information directly to the group. On the desktop and laptop, I copy the information and paste it into the group. Under Android, I can use the built in share mechanism to send information directly to the group I want.

Access and searching

Now I can access that information from any of my devices. The built in search of Telegram works well in this regard.

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