Please school me on cross-posting from my blog!

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I'm finally getting my own blog for my technial and dev-life posts! 🎉

However, I would like to cross-post my stories to platforms like Medium. I've read about canonical tags and such on Google, but I'm yet to come across a straight-forward approach to cross-posting without being dinged for duplicate content (and for other reasons I don't yet know about).

So, please, with eyes wide and mind ready, I wait for someone to explain blog post cross-posting to me like I am five 😄

Thank you!

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If you go to Settings > Publishing from RSS, and paste in your feed, it should cross-post it here without any problems. That's what I do.

It should pick up the canonical tag automatically and respect that, and it won't publish posts automatically - you'll still need to edit each one to mark it as published.


Regarding Medium, I haven't used it for a while but I believe you can import a story individually by pasting in the URL of that story. You can cross-post via the Medium API, but that will be specific to your blogging platform.

I have to say, I'd think twice about posting on Medium given their actions recently.


Agreed on the RSS feed answers! You can also copy and paste and add


to the front matter (for v1 editor) or press the ... in the v2 editor and set the canonical url there!


I try not to have the same article posted multiple places or I will customize it per platform.


Thanks Andrew! Do you then suggest that I post "appetizers" on platforms like Medium, that then link to my blog post?


I don't know what "appetizers" are for social media but I will create micro-content on other platforms and try to shift my audience from one platform to another.

So for example. I wrote my LinkedIn Feedback article and then asked people to connect with me on LinkedIn and they can be for LinkedIn Profile feedback. Then after giving feedback I asked people if they could volunteer their profiles for a video review, so I'm going to bring that audience to my Youtube. After I bring them to Youtube I'm going to have a free give to get them into my email list.

I'm just trying to make my audience more resilient by capturing them across multiple platforms.

If I have a long form article here I can spin up micro-content on LinkedIn, Instagram or what have you.

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