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Discussion on: Is there a Developer Shortage?

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Lorraine Lee • Edited on

What we have here is a tragedy of the commons. All the businesses want to get experience without "giving" experience (or giving opportunities to get experience). Part of the problem is the death of long-term employment that started in circa 1980 and has only gotten more intense with the passing decades and further rightward migration of the Overton window, on economic policy, anyway. Another part of the problem is the lack of "portable" ways to get experience, such as formal apprenticeship programs such as in those trades that somehow still have trade unions. But "tech" is run by techbrotarians who are viciously anti-union. If, as is certainly the case in the Detroit area where I live, 100.000% of the jobs require experience, the industry has only itself to blame. Cry me a river.

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Nathan Kallman Author

It really presents itself as a catch-22. It requires time from experienced developers to train the new developers. But there's a limited number of experienced developers and an unending need for software. So to get the software needed today consumes the experienced developers time, leaving less for training the new developers into experienced developers, leading to fewer relative experienced developers....

And so the cycle continues....

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