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I am a junior web developer and it's been three months since I started searching for a job in web development filed. 80% of job posting says 'Senior/10years of experience/etc' and they don't even want to consider junior candidates. I have been coding for fun for three years, I also have a college Diploma, portfolio, I know React/Redux, Node, PHP, the only thing I lack is a professional experience. And that's a real problem for me. Hope one day this attitude will change. Thank you for your article!


Couldn't agree more.

I looked over your GitHub profile and I think that you have some great work there. Your JavaScript is clean and concise and it's easy to understand what is going on when trying to navigate through the project structure.

I have no doubt that you will eventually find a company that deserves your services. Just keep putting those communications out there. It may be frustrating at times but it just makes getting that first job experience that much sweeter.


Hi @nataliiastef ! Are are still looking for a job? If you are willing to relocate to Seattle, I have a great opportunity here. Please reach out on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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