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Discussion on: ASK DEV: Who to follow on Twitter?🤔

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Jonathan Bohorquez

@wesbos @monicalent @hhg2288 @ryanchenkie @b0rk @AnjanaVakil @weibenfalk @kyleshevlin @sarah_edo @jsjoeio @manuelbieh @emmabostian @dan_abramov @cszhu @abbyfuller @toddmotto @bendhalpern @aspittel @hugojmd @stolinski

Most of them have Software Development content in their timelines but sometimes they post about their struggles, their downfalls, their new jobs or evens jokes, always with respect and cheering others in beign better developers. For me thats the type of people I want to read on my TL.

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Thank you for mentioning me here. I'm glad for all the support I can get and truly grateful that you like my content.

Here's my channel for anyone that's interested. =)

Thanks again.

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Horacio Herrera

thanks @nathanbq for mentioned me! 🙏